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Jeff Wilson Jeff has been tattooing professionally since 1996. Prior to that, he worked as an airbrush artist and has been drawing since childhood. He opened Infinite Expressions in 2008 after working in different studios in the Maritimes. Jeff is an adamant admirer of traditional tattoing and bases his work on that format, regardless of style or intepretation. Like his old school role models, Jeff applies tattoos that stand the test of time. Click here for a gallery of photos.


Jared has worked around Charlottetown as well as regular guest spots in the US. He joined Infinite Expressions in December 2008. Although his custom work focuses on traditional tattooing, he enjoys many different styles. Jared also designs and builds his own tattoo machines which are in use by artists internationally. Click here for a gallery of photos.

John John started tattooing in 1996. He enjoys working on large scale pieces, preferably in the Japanese or Americana style. His studies in traditional drawing and figure painting provide his strong base for tattooing portraits. John has worked at many shops, both on PEI and around the country, before returning to join us at Infinite Expressions. Click here for his gallery.